Customizing Commerce: How On-Demand Greeting Cards Are Changing the Game
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Customizing Commerce: How On-Demand Greeting Cards Are Changing the Game

Inventory-limited product buys, like greeting cards, can be time-consuming for consumers and – a lot of the time – may result in them not finding what they truly need. Enter the concept of customized commerce: automated, streamlined, and personalized products on demand. 

David Henry, co-founder of a cutting-edge greeting card company, Card Isle, joins Next Level Supply Chain to talk all about customized commerce. With roots in the engineering space, David took a leap of faith with some of his college classmates to take on the greeting card industry, emphasizing personalization at the forefront.

In this episode, David talks about the inception of Card Isle, and the ways in which customized commerce is revolutionizing the consumer landscape.

Key takeaways:

  1. Customized commerce is redefining customer experience, allowing consumers to purchase exactly what they want, without having to compromise.

  2. Any business that operates in a physical-digital environment (phygital) can experience great results in customized commerce, especially if your business can produce products quickly.

  3. The phygital product space can provide authentic, real-world connections in today’s digital world.


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