The Future of Connectivity with Digital Twins, AI, and the Global Supply Chain
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The Future of Connectivity with Digital Twins, AI, and the Global Supply Chain

Real-time data monitoring is revolutionizing maintenance and efficiency in industries such as aviation and automotive through digital twin technology.

Richard Donaldson, host of the Supply Chain Next podcast, is a visionary in supply chain management and circular economy advocate. His insights on moving from linear to circular supply chains highlight the potential for substantial environmental benefits and the importance of embracing reuse, especially in the context of his work with startups promoting circularity.

The dialogue extends beyond the digital twin to the broader digital transformation of global supply chains, drawing comparisons to the quick adoption of airplane wifi as an example of rapid technological progress. It explores the role of artificial intelligence in supply chain automation and predictive maintenance, touching upon the divide between machine learning and self-actualized thought. The conversation resonates with historical references and Richard's personal entrepreneurial experiences, including his tenure at eBay, his podcast Supply Chain Next, and his perspective on learning from failure. This episode offers a thought-provoking reflection on the future of supply chains and the role of technology in sustainable business practices.


Key takeaways: 

  • The early days of the Internet continue to influence current work in digitizing supply chains.

  • The global supply chain still lacks full digitization and transparency, particularly in older, established processes.

  • There is a strong advocacy for shifting towards circular supply chains that are environmentally mindful and focused on sustainability.


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