Enhancing Consumer Experiences in the Digital Age
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Enhancing Consumer Experiences in the Digital Age

Anne Bernier from Topco and Rishi Banerjee from the Consumer Brands Association are a wealth of knowledge from the frontlines of industry innovation. They join Reid and Liz on this episode to delve into the world of QR codes, the groundbreaking Smart Label program, and new technologies such as Flash Food and Too Good to Go, two platforms looking to reduce food waste. 

Anne shares how Topco is revolutionizing the grocery space with smart label initiatives championing transparency and sustainability. Discover how Topco aids its members in competing in the marketplace by providing top-quality products, ensuring reliable supply, and offering competitive pricing—all while maintaining a steadfast commitment to environmental stewardship.

Rishi Banerjee talks Smart Label program, its expansion beyond food products, and how this initiative is setting the industry standard for sharing product data and enhancing customer safety in a standardized format. Listen in to hear all about these new technologies and how their teams are enhancing the consumer experience in a digital age. 


Key takeaways: 

  • Discover how Smart Label technology is revolutionizing consumer transparency in the CPG industry, providing comprehensive product information through QR codes, and how companies like Topco integrate this to strengthen consumer trust and drive sustainability efforts.

  • Learn from industry leaders about the intersection of sustainability and technology, including innovative apps combatting food waste and the critical advancements in renewable energy sectors, positioning these insights as pivotal for supply chain professionals to adapt and lead in the evolving market landscape.

  • Gain strategic perspectives on the significance of omnichannel messaging and the compelling storytelling for private label products from Topco and Consumer Brands Association experts, underlining the necessity for retail professionals to leverage digital platforms for enhanced consumer engagement.


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