Highlights From Denver: Future-Forward Startups Present Disruptive Tech
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Highlights From Denver: Future-Forward Startups Present Disruptive Tech

Coming at you from this year’s GS1 Connect conference in Denver, Reid sits down with six out of the seven finalists for GS1 US’s Startup Lab Pitch Competition. These founders dive into their startup stories, groundbreaking technology solutions, and so much more!


Key takeaways:

  1. Every year, the GS1 US Startup Lab Pitch Competition provides partnership opportunities for new and innovative companies.

  2. These founders travel from all over the globe to meet up with GS1 Connect attendees, spread the word about their companies, and compete to win prizes.

  3. From edible barcodes to sustainable vending machines that dispense refillable containers, this year’s Startup Lab finalists share all about their technology and how they’re making an impact on the supply chain.

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