How 2D Barcodes Are Changing the Retail Landscape with Chuck Lasley
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How 2D Barcodes Are Changing the Retail Landscape with Chuck Lasley

Chuck Lasley, IT Director at Dillard’s, explains the pivotal role of 2D barcodes in retail innovation, illustrating Dillard's strategy of incorporating these versatile codes into their products, which range from apparel to accessories. Amidst the growing demand for intricate product details, Chuck emphasizes the imperative for sales associates to be adept in product knowledge facilitated by 2D barcodes. As Chuck explains, 2D barcodes can lead to improved inventory management, better customer service, and enhanced consumer storytelling possibilities.

The conversation also explores AI's potential in customer service, the impact smartphones have had on computing power, and the potential of automated vehicles in altering supply chain dynamics. Chuck applauds the implementation of evolving technologies like RFID, which are crucial in the industry-wide 'Sunrise 2027' initiative. Sunrise 2027 aims for widespread adoption of 2D barcode scanning by 2027, with Dillards ambitiously targeting an earlier date. This episode covers automation, innovation, and the pursuit of a unique identity within the global supply chain.


Key takeaways: 

  • Technology in customer service is advancing with tools integrating RFID and 2D barcode technologies in supply chain operations to improve accuracy and efficiency.

  • The retail industry recognizes the importance and advantages of transitioning from 1D to 2D barcodes and RFID technology for improved inventory management, customer service, and access to detailed product information.

  • Technological advancements create enriched consumer experiences through unique transaction identifiers and product storytelling.




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