Optimizing Warehouse Operations with ‘Digital Twins’
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Optimizing Warehouse Operations with ‘Digital Twins’

Michael Pytel has years of experience in the manufacturing world from developing wheelchairs, greeting cards, shoes, poultry and meat products, and even rockets. Through all of this, he felt like there wasn't a lot of innovation in warehouses. His aim to change that is by building a platform that uses machine learning and AI from the ground up, rather than antiquated warehouse management systems that were built 15, 20 years ago. So what are these cutting-edge technologies that Michael has created and how do they lead to efficiency and success?

Michael Pytel, Co-Founder & CTO at Fulfilld, explains the importance of technology in the warehouse for mapping products, eliminating fork truck traffic, and how it all leads to success.


Key takeaways:

  1. An optimized warehouse is one that focuses on reducing waste. Wasteful time, wasteful travel, wasted movements, and focusing on where you want employees to feel engaged and successful in the day. Fulfilld is focused on creating technology to structure the ballet in the warehouse where movement is optimized and there is no wasted travel.

  2. Fulfilld is focused on creating a ‘digital twin’ for mapping out products in the warehouse. They take the CAD drawing of a manufacturing space, of a warehouse space, and load it into a computer model, and essentially generate their own version of Google Maps. It can create routes for employees to optimize their travel on a forklift or on foot.

  3. Transparency creates efficiency. By having something be visible, you can optimize more! Fulfilld’s technology has given customers the ability to see where their order is in the process so they aren’t constantly wondering when it’s going to ship. This creates a great consumer experience.

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