Realigning Your Supply Chain for Resiliency and Success
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Realigning Your Supply Chain for Resiliency and Success

As the supply chain is constantly changing and evolving, it is critical to understand the dynamic challenges ahead and leverage past experiences in these transformations. 

In this episode, we speak with Bob Ferrari, Managing Director of the Ferrari Consulting and Research Group and Founder of the Supply Chain Matters blog. Bob speaks about hottest topics in supply chain today such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and specifically, generative AI. Bob shares how these innovations are transforming the supply chain landscape while also posing new challenges related to data security.

We hear about the balance CIOs must strike between harnessing cutting-edge tech for competitive edge and maintaining robust cybersecurity and the importance of long-term strategies to mitigate future supply chain disruptions and the evolving skill sets required in the digital age.

Key takeaways: 

  • Adapting new technologies like AI, GPT, and Chat technology can lead to improved operations and help cope with rising consumer expectations. However, this adaptation should be gradual and risk-assessed, under the leadership of chief information officers. 

  • Supply chain leaders need to adopt a mindset of agility and resiliency in order to navigate complex challenges and manage disruptions effectively. These qualities, coupled with an open-minded approach from senior leadership, are vital for successful supply chain transformations.

  • Learning from past disruptions and transformations is key. It's also paramount to prepare for future supply chain disruptions and shifts. Simulations and technology like digital twins can aid in scenario-based planning, helping businesses to anticipate and manage change more efficiently.

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