Tired of Wasting Resources? Reverse Logistics Solutions Can Help!
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Tired of Wasting Resources? Reverse Logistics Solutions Can Help!

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Did you know that over 100 million tons of textile waste is produced every year? Online returns are a major contributor to this number and as much as 25% of these items have never been worn! Join us as we chat with Ryan Treft, Founder of Resale.com, to discuss how rethinking reverse logistics can reduce waste and increase recovery in mixed lot inventory.


Key takeaways:

  1. Resale.com focuses on redistributing net new items that have been returned in mass to help with the retail’s sustainability problem.

  2. Returns can create many problems for big businesses, including issues with space and the time it takes to address these problems. The return rate is also increasing year over year.

  3. Resale.com works with enterprise companies that are required to use UPC codes. These UPC codes help companies like Resale.com find accurate information on the inventory they are working with.


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