Ways to Build an Enduring Brand on Amazon
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Ways to Build an Enduring Brand on Amazon

Today, the speed of change in the market and on Amazon is rapid, making it difficult for brands to keep up and see continued success. But never fear, Shannon Roddy, of Avenue7Media, is here to give us insights into the brand-building strategies you need to succeed on Amazon, and beyond! 


Key takeaways:

  1. Building a defensible brand is crucial for long-term success. Invest in building a brand that is recognizable, trustworthy, and unique to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

  2. Amazon holds over 50% of the online market and can significantly impact the success or failure of a brand. Harnessing Amazon's data and feedback is crucial for identifying trends, understanding demographics, and developing new products.

  3. Leveraging Amazon's platform and customer data can give you a competitive edge, but you need to adapt to changing customer preferences and market demands.

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