Revolutionizing Warehouses with Robotics and Automation with Kevin Lawton
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Revolutionizing Warehouses with Robotics and Automation with Kevin Lawton

Small tweaks in processes can result in unexpected financial windfalls and improved employee satisfaction.


Kevin Lawton, warehouse operations expert and Founder of The New Warehouse podcast, 

discusses a wealth of insights into current trends and the critical role of foundational process improvements. The conversation shifts towards the importance of automating mundane tasks, the profound potential for digital transformation across companies, and the surprising financial benefits companies can reap from small operational adjustments.


Kevin explains Modex trends and spotlights the value of low-tech solutions and how maintaining standardized and actionable data is pivotal for leveraging advanced robotics and automation systems. The episode emphasizes systemic change, interoperability between solutions, and harnessing robotics and automation to address labor challenges and elevate operational efficiency.


Key takeaways: 

  • Trends at Modex, where robotics took center stage, show that robotics is not just a fascinating concept — it's becoming a practical part of warehouse operations.

  • Companies need to streamline processes to create a strong foundation that can truly leverage the efficiency of new technologies.

  • While robots and automation can address labor challenges and efficiency, the orchestration layer will make or break the integration.




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