Behind the Barcode: Enhancing Supply Chain Efficiency with GS1 US Data Hub
Next Level Supply Chain with GS1 US April 24, 202419:3645.02 MB

Behind the Barcode: Enhancing Supply Chain Efficiency with GS1 US Data Hub

In this episode of Next Level Supply Chain’s special series Behind the Barcode, Liz and Reid speak with Jess Urriola, the VP of Product Management at GS1 US, about GS1 US Data Hub - a tool built to secure data sharing between brand owners and trading partners. They talk about why this service is pivotal for maintaining data quality across the global supply chain, both from the strategic and technical aspects, from creating UPC barcodes to combating GTIN misuse.

Learn how GS1 US Data Hub supports regulatory compliance, the importance of global location numbers in traceability, and the benefits of ensuring each product has a unique identifier—similar to a license plate. 


Key takeaways: 

  • How GS1 US Data Hub's user-friendly SaaS platform empowers both small and large businesses to effortlessly manage and authenticate product identifiers and location data, ensuring accuracy and trust throughout the global supply chain.

  • The critical role of the GS1 Registry Platform (GRP) in combating Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) misuse and fostering global transparency by enabling real-time, cross-border verification of core product attributes for reliable traceability and inventory management.

  • The strategic advantages of GS1's identification system as Jess Urriola highlights its integral part in compliance with healthcare and food safety regulations, streamlining the entire traceability process from manufacturer to end-point via Global Location Numbers (GLNs).



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